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DENIS COLOMB LIFESTYLE designs, manufactures and wholesales a collection of ultra luxurious hand woven cashmere fashion and home accessories and apparel, of impeccable quality and craftsmanship, and is quickly becoming recognized as a leading luxury lifestyle brand. DENIS COLOMB LIFESTYLE'S product line includes a signature hand-woven shawl collection , womenswear and menswear collections, in hand woven and knitted cashmere and camel hair with newer offerings in hand-woven linen, silk, and cashmere/linen and cotton/cashmere blends. A Home Collection of the finest hand woven cashmere and camel hair blankets and throws completes the Lifestyle assortment. Each of the company’s products evokes a unique comfort, sense of exclusivity and quiet luxury.
The company was co-founded in 2004 by French born architect and designer, Denis Colomb, and his wife, photographer Erica Lennard, and currently is based in Los Angeles . Production is primarily in Nepal. The designs reflect the multiculturalism of the couple's globetrotting lifestyle. Their goal for the company is to search out extraordinary craftsmen, and to date they work with some of the finest workshops in the world . These exclusive workshops offer a guarantee of the finest quality cashmere available in the world,. For their spring collections they have added hand-woven linens, and now an exclusive hand-loomed silk and cotton sources through a fair trade organization in India. Throughout the years they have been able to build a luxury accessories and clothing brand that offers a modern interpretation of timeless, traditional techniques. sublime sense of color and an extraordinary range of textures, weights and weaves.
DENIS COLOMB LIFESTYLE'S mission is one of social entrepreneurship, working with small family owned workshops, often fair-trade organizations, to insure that the highest standards of working conditions are maintained. Its collaborations with Nepalese artisans has helped improve the lives in the surrounding communities, and the company has been able to help fund a small orphanage, with the ultimate goal of establishing a non-profit foundation in Nepal to support the many children's homes in need. Equally important to the founders, though, in our world of mechanized production is their mission to help preserve and evolve the traditional artisanal practices of hand weaving and hand looming that have been part of the culture of Nepal for centuries.