Inspired by the peoples of the Buddhist Himalaya’s, Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal, whose tradition of weaving fine cloths is part of their cultural heritage we invite you on our journey this season to discover our interpretati on of these principles interpreted with a modernist style  and made with the most luxurious hairs of the finest  high mountain cashmere goats and  Mongolian desert camels. This  luxurious collection  is designed for the contemporary globetrotter in brilliant mountain sky blues, rich forest greens and, spiritually significant oranges, yellows and rich “Bhutan “red.  Using a multitude of weaving techniques, materials and designs we bring you luxurious blankets, shawls and garments  which can be worn together or as individual pieces. We gratefully and humbly  make these offerings,  to wrap you in style, comfort and warmth…..

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