"If it's unadulterated luxury you're after, Denis Colomb is the name currently in the personal address books of the fashion set. Think summer-weight gauziness that's both ultra-light and warm, or winter pashmina coats. " 

-The London Times, April 2008

"I've brought one item with me from LA (I'm a West Coast Vogue editor) that I think is the ultimate in luxury: a Denis Colomb scarf that will get me through this chilly fashion  week."

-VOGUE February 2010

"Minimalist doesn't always mean sleek and sharp.  Sometimes, it's all about a  Zen feeling.  These luxurious looks exude calm and comfort."                                                                                                     - WWD, 2010 

‘‘Everything Denis Colomb makes is exquisite,’’ (Dawn) Schaefer says.

‘We can’t keep his throws, blankets and scarves in stock. People collect them.’- New York Times T MAGAZINE "A Store is Born" December, 2010

"Is there anything better than style produced with heart?” "A-list actress and style icon Nicole Kidman, who recently scooped up two of Colomb’s chic cashmere scarves, is a fan. So is diminutive fashionista Mary-Kate Olsen, who has been snapped by the paparazzi casually sporting one of Colomb's creations as an accoutrement to her Boho chic style.  Even members of the legendary Rolling Stones, who ordered up a passel of the company's downy soft cashmere travel blankets for their private plane, have been touched by the Colomb magic."                                                            

"Denis Colomb has a name fit for an adventurer; appropriately his collection is made for contemporary globe trotters. This season, the exceptional wool took form as a series of draped traveling coats and sweaters in earthy tones, all paired with the softest cashmere scarves. These are truly the garments you never want to take off-DOSSIER JOURNAL, January 2010

Through daring color choices and with the help of some very refined Mongolian goats, Denis Colomb perfects the art of the cashmere wrap. "There is also no denying the importance of the wrap factor and Colomb's shawls do it beautifully, somehow achieving just the right sort of casually draped elegance."                                                                                                                                  -DEPARTURES, January 2008  

"Denis Colomb, who works with small workshops in Nepal and with luxurious Mongolian cashmere, produces exquisite high-end shawls and jackets in scores of colors."                                                                                             - HARPER'S BAZAAR, September 2008.    

"Gretta van Leuven, who buys the scarves for Barneys New York, believes that Colomb's success stems from both his palette - which includes an average of 60 colors per collection - and the line's various weight offerings."

-DEPARTURES, January 2008  

"Cashmere City! Denis Colomb added Mongolia and Tibet to his travels, and the resulting wraps, sweaters, and scarves are hyperfantastic."-NEW YORK MAGAZINE online, February 2008

'Why We Love Denis Colomb

1. His scarves are the softest on the planet.

2. They come in the most delicious rainbow of colors and textures.

3. The big ones are like portable blankets.

4. They add snap to any basic outfit.

5. We love his quiet cult following."- NEW YORK MAGAZINE online, May, 2009

"Actress China Chow, host of the Bravo show Work of Art, raves about Denis Colomb’s supersoft cashmere throws: 'They’re big enough to keep you warm on the sofa, but the size makes them practical to take on a plane.'"-ELLE DECOR online, Dec. 2010


"One particularly ardent Colomb fan, Keith Richard's manager Jane Rose, is said to have introduced Colomb's wares to the Rolling Stones.  (Ahh, just imagine Mick Jagger cuddled under his own Denis Colomb blankie.)"-DEPARTURES, January 2008